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Seeing sexism in STEM 2

Blind Spots: Seeing sexism in STEM

This post originally appeared on the Digital Science guest blog. Two years ago I created STEM Women, an initiative that celebrates the careers of women in STEM fields while highlighting the many challenges we...

Not only is there a ‘leaky pipeline’ in STEM, the plumbing itself is broken 0

Nature vs. Nurture: Girls and STEM

This article was originally published on the Nature Soapbox Science blog. It was written by STEM Women managers Zuleyka Zevallos, Buddhini Samarasinghe and Rajini Rao. In a New England pub after a conference, our...

The Boring Parts of Science 0

The Boring Parts of Science

A recent conversation with a friend brought up a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about – science communication using social media. It was sparked by seeing a tweet from a science communicator who...

Buddhini Samarasinghe 0

The Secrets of Life: Why I Got Into STEM

This article originally appeared on STEM Women’s Role Models series I was 13 years old when I first read Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. I hadn’t seen the movie, so I had no preconceptions what...

What scientific idea is ready for retirement? 1

Scientists Should Stick to Science

This post originally appeared on The Edge Annual Question for 2014 as a response to “What Scientific Idea is Ready for Retirement?” It is a statistical fact that you are more likely to die...