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The Swarming Bacteria 2

The Swarming Bacteria

This is a great bit of research on bacterial biofilms, published open access in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. Researchers discovered that bacteria build an intricate network of tunnels within...


Glowing Japanese Eels and UnaG

Even though the original paper is not Open Access, this is still some awesome research. • A green fluorescent protein has been identified and isolated for the first time in a vertebrate. This protein...

MERS-CoV Particles 0

H7N9: A virus worth watching

Thanks to the two Virology Hangouts on Air that Scott Lewis and I hosted (“Going Viral” – SciSunHOA from 28 April, 2013 and “Ferreting out the Truth”: H5N1 #SciSun Panel Discussion), I have viruses...

Garter snake 0

Venomous Evolution

• Snake venom is mostly made up of many different proteins; some of these proteins are toxins while others are nontoxic proteins with pharmacological properties.