Men at Greater Risk for Cancer than Women

Cancer death rates greater among men

Cancer Research UK and other groups published the new report called ‘Excess cancer burden in men’. Photograph: Johnny Gree

Even though we’re used to thinking of cancer as a ‘malfunction’ of the genes, the environment plays a huge role in cancer etiology (depending on the cancer of course). Our lifestyle choices can affect our genomic integrity, and bad choices can translate to poorer odds when it comes to the cancer lottery.

“When sex-specific forms of the disease are excluded, such as prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer, the gender gap is even wider, with men 67% more likely to die. And when only working age people are looked at men under 65 have a 58% greater chance of dying than women of the same age”

“There are a variety of potential explanations for the difference. “The reasons for the increased risk of cancer in men versus women are not completely understood but experts believe that lifestyle is important. Men are more likely to drink alcohol and be overweight, and in the past they were more likely to smoke. All three are significant risk factors for a range of cancer types,” said a separate men’s cancer briefing, produced by CRUK and also released on Tuesday”

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