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Men at Greater Risk for Cancer than Women

Even though we’re used to thinking of cancer as a ‘malfunction’ of the genes, the environment plays a huge role in cancer etiology (depending on the cancer of course). Our lifestyle choices can affect...


String Theory, Untangled

Theoretical physics is very far removed from my area of expertise, but this was a great opportunity to learn more about a topic I didn’t know very much about. Dr Yonatan Zunger did his...



This is a fascinating conversation with parasitologist Dr Tommy Leung. Tommy is lecturer in Parasitology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of New England, and also writes the Parasite of the Day blog.


Monkey Business

A conversation with Erin Kane, a graduate student in physical anthropology. Erin’s research involves investigating the health and dietary consequence of seasonal changes in food availability for Diana monkeys. Incidentally, this was also my...

Cancer stem cells 0

Cancer Stem Cells

• A tumor is made up of a diverse population of cells. This is why you might often see the words ‘heterogeneous population of cells’ in the context of a tumor. It just means...