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Bees Buzzing on Caffeine

• Nectar from certain flowering plants contain caffeine; citrus flowers, and coffee plant flowers. It seems that bees fed on a diet of caffeinated nectar have improved memory, and desire for more caffeinated nectar.


Broadcasting scientists

This post originally appeared on The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Newsletter Google’s Hangouts on Air give public a seat at the table during scientific discussions Science outreach is an extremely important...


Coral Under Confocal

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of confocal imaging lately, but clearly I’ve got confocal on my mind. This beautiful video got an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the 2012 International Science Visualization Challenge,...


Mimosa pudica, the Bashful herb

The most notable feature about this plant is the manner in which the leaves fold inwards when touched. The image is not a time-lapse; the movement is easy to observe in real-time, and actually...