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Going Viral

Professor Vincent Racaniello is a virologist at the University of Columbia. Vincent also writes extensively about viruses in his Virology Blog, and also hosts the popular show TWiV (This Week in Virology). In this...

RNAi petunia phenotype 2

Interfering with RNA

A birthday tribute to someone I really admire here on G+, who is an amazing mentor and friend. Happy Birthday +Rajini Rao, hope you have a wonderful year ahead and it’s been a pleasure...


Decoding ENCODE

This HOA is panel discussion, where we talk about the findings of the ENCODE project. The panel consisted of Dr Ian Bosdet, Dr Josh Witten and Professor Rajini Rao. We explained the basics of...

Garter snake 0

Venomous Evolution

• Snake venom is mostly made up of many different proteins; some of these proteins are toxins while others are nontoxic proteins with pharmacological properties.

HeLa cells 1

Sequencing HeLa

This is excellent news. HeLa cells are the oldest and most commonly used human cell line. You might be familiar with HeLa cells already if you have read +Rebecca Skloot’s fantastic book “The Immortal...