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Science is Already Sensational

Two years ago, I signed up to G+ and was thrilled to discover so many scientists and science advocates on here – I found my kind! From those early days, we built a community,...



Amy Robinson is the Creative Director for Eyewire, a game that aims to map the brain. She works for Professor Sebastian Seung in his Computational Neuroscience laboratory at MIT.


Virology and Media Hype

Professor Vincent Racaniello, Dr Tommy Leung and Dr William McEwan discuss the recent scare-mongering about ‘ferret flu’. We discuss the experiments that were carried out, and also talk how the science has been sensationalised...

MERS-CoV Particles 0

H7N9: A virus worth watching

Thanks to the two Virology Hangouts on Air that Scott Lewis and I hosted (“Going Viral” – SciSunHOA from 28 April, 2013 and “Ferreting out the Truth”: H5N1 #SciSun Panel Discussion), I have viruses...